How to clean electric shaver

How to clean electric shaver

The cleaning is necessary for the best use. Before and after use, appliance is get cleaned by the user. Because, the uncleaned instrument or device may cause the harm to the skin of the user.How to clean electric shaver

So, the user has to clean the used shaver regularly to avoid the skin irritation or some other problems. There are many methods available for clean the shavers.

Types of electric shavers

The electric shavers are available in the two types –

  1. Rotary electric shaver
  2. Foil electric shaver

The examples of the electric shaver –

  1. Philips Norleco S1070
  2. Philips Norleco PA- PQ208
  3. Philips BG3006/15

General Cleaning methods

The cleaning of the shaver is done by using the water or the lubricant also. To use this shaver for long period with effective performance, the regular and neat cleaning is needed.

The cleaning of the shaver is also by the station which are paid services, but they are expensive. It took much amount of money for that and also the more wastage of the time.

Instead of this, we clean the shaver at home, in minimum time. And it takes only few money or this. Fortunately, most of the Modern shavers are easy to clean at home.

Precaution before cleaning

For the cleaning of the used shaver, the user has to aware of the following precautions –

  1. Before the cleaning, make sure the switch of the shaver is off
  2. In the case of the on switch, it causes the harm to body of the user
  3. Please, aware of the type of the shaver means to identify the type either from the waterproof or simple type electric shaver

Steps for cleaning the electric shaver

The following procedure is only sued for cleaning of waterproof shavers –

  1. During the shaving, most of hairs tucked in the shaver head. Remove that hairs.
  2. Then apply some amount of water on shaving head of the shaver
  3. Pour few drops of soap liquid on the shaving head
  4. To switch on the shaver and run it for at least 10 seconds.
  5. During the running of shaver, tap poured under warm water tap, it will take approximately 10 seconds.
  6. Turn off the shaver, and remove head of shaver and rinse under the water again
  7. After that, shake off the excess water, make it dry by using the dry cloth.

The following procedure is only used for cleaning of shavers which are not waterproof –

  1. Air blowing method is used for the shaver cleaning which is not the waterproof
  2. You can also use lubricant for this and a spray cleaner
  3. These all products are manufacture only for the electric shaver which are not waterproof.

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Cleaning electric shaver is the main process after the regular use of the shaver. To increase the performance and the efficiency, user has to clean the shaver regularly. The waterproof shavers are easily cleaned by suing water whereas for cleaning the shavers which are not water proof, the air blowing method is used.