How to clean electric shaver blades?

How to clean electric shaver blades?

After using the shaver, it must be cleaned. Before shaving check, is it clean or not? If shaver is cleaned, then skin also does not have any irritation because of shaver. Some peoples are wash their shaver directly under the water tap. There is not a correct method to wash shaver. By accurate method you can wash shaver easily.How to clean electric shaver blades?

There are some pros and cons for clean the shaver. For shaver, there is no special cleaning station. There are many methods available for clean the shavers.

How to clean shaver?

How to clean shaver manually, there it will be rotary or foil. In only few minutes shaver will clean.

You have to clean your shaver thoroughly on the regular basis. The most important thing is , you can also clean the shaver by lubricant. By using it life time of shaver will long. And performance will also improve.

There is also cleaning station for clean the shaver. But they are expensive. They take lots of money for that and also a time. On other hand, we also clean the shaver at home, in minimum time. And it takes only few money or this.

Fortunately, most of the Modern shavers are easy to clean at home.

Some precaution takes before cleaning. They are as follows:

  • Warm the water thoroughly, and put some quantity of liquid soap in it.
  • But for this, your shaver must be waterproof.
  • If it is not, then you have to clean shaver by dry method.
  • If your shaver not made to wash it with water. Then don’t do that. Otherwise it wiil get in damage.
  • Before cleaning the shaver, check that it will turn off.

Steps for cleaning the electric shaver:

  1. While shaving, remove the most of the hairs from the head of shaver. after shaving remove the head of shaver. and hit it on some smooth surface. Do not hit it on any hard surface. Otherwise it will get damage.
  2. Then apply some bit of water on shaving head. And also pour few drops of soap liquid.
  3. After that, turn on the shaver. Run the shaver at least 10 seconds.
  4. Afterward, while still running the shaver. Put it under the warm tap water. It will take approximately 10 seconds.
  5. Turn off the shaver, and remove head of shaver. again, rinse it under the water.
  6. After that, shake off the excess water.
  7. Then clean it with clean cloth.
  8. And lets dry parts of shaver separately.
  9. If your shaver is not waterproof, then only use the blowing air to clean that.
  10. You can also use lubricant for this and a spray cleaner.
  11. These all products are manufacture only for the electric shaver which are not waterproof.

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After using the shaver, their cleanliness of blades also most important part. Clean the shaver after every use of it. There are few steps to follow, after follow that your shaver performance definitely improves. And also increase the lifetime of shaver.