How to clean Braun shaver

How to clean Braun shaver

Braun shaver is the one of the world’s number one foil shaving company brand which is placed in Germany. Braun shavers has invented the modern technology of shaving is offered So this aids to get clean and smooth shave to user.How to clean Braun shaver

Braun shaver is another kind of foil shaver so it moves in a straight line whereas rotary shavers has restriction and are designed to move in a circular motion only.

About Braun shaver

Braun shavers are made up of blades that are sensitive to pressure as it aids to adjust with the user’s skin. It is also tested by different associations and compared to other s shavers and they are said to be shavers (Braun 9 series) which can remove most of the hairs in just single stroke.

In Braun shavers have inbuilt facility of auto-sense technology by with the help of which it mechanically adjusts the motor power in the shaver by just getting know the beard thickness.

Braun shavers also offersextra power to the shaver when it is needed. So, the one stroke comfort, performance by which given by the different Braun series shavers.

The maintenance of these Braun shavers is also automatic which also improves the performance as it removes all thegermsand dirt.

The electric shavers can be bought from the local stores or one can buy it using different online sites. It is easily available on different sites.

Historical background

Mr. Max Braun recognized a company in the year 1950, he first announced a shaver which was a helpful product for the company. They make different products but they are popular for shavers only.

Diverse kind of mechanismof hair cutting was initially presented by many companies so as to improve the feature and speed of razors. This also resulted in the less price of machines which was affordable for users to buy.

Some of the Braun shavers are known for their different reviews:

  • High Quality with Less Price – Braun Series 3 390cc
  • Best Value – Braun Series 5 5190cc
  • For performance and innovative technology-Braun Series 7 790cc
  • Closest Shave – Braun Series 5 550cc

Cleaning of Braun shavers

  1. Professional cleaning –

Some of the Braun shavers are come up with clean and charge cleaning device

So, when ever want to clean that shaver just push the button and cleans. After using it dry it and recharge the battery automatically.

  1. Manual cleaning –

Every Braun shaver needs to rinsed quickly from warm water after each use. Cleaning effect can improve by using the liquid soap.

Also,designed for giving ideal care put some drop of oil on cutter block one.

  1. Manually by using brush –

After removing cutter head then block is easy to clean. Whenever you are done switch it on for some seconds. But never clean the cutter foil by using brush.

  1. Manually by using cleaning spray –

It helps to clean up the shaver thoroughly and removing all the traces of sebum. Afterspraying both parts of cutter remaining particles are soaked and it will easy to remove.

  1. Maintaining –

After every span of 18 months replace the shaver or cutter parts for better performance and increase the lifespan of Braun shaver.

Verified tips to usage of the shaver

When care has taken for the tool then it will last longer and it will stay working for a longer period, for taking care there are some steps which are –

  1. Clean your shaver schedule-wise.
  2. Lubricate it.
  3. Use spray lubricant or spray cleaner as it is electric shaver.
  4. Handle properly.
  5. Prolong battery life.
  6. Replace the blades or foils according to requirement.

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Braun shaver is widely used by the users for shaving purpose also for increasing its lifespan of shaver there is some proper procedure to follow of cleaning it as mentioned.